If you are not familiar with the immigration laws or do not know what you should do under some specific situations, we can definitely help! 

We will provide customized solutions according to your personal conditions, guide you how to become the permanent resident of Canada, answer your questions, or help your relatives dealing with the immigration issues. 


As a RCIC, we are regulated and can be your legal paid representative when dealing cases with IRCC. The case can be in temporary, permanent resident or other categories as long as the case is related to the immigration issues. For a more detailed list of our representative services, please find them under the About YZ Consulting section or the Home page.


Beyond the general consulting and representative service, we can also help you with checking your immigration materials, preparation for immigrating to Canada.

With our own previous experience in studying and working in Canada, we can also provide other consulting services regarding Canadian study, work, job hunting, investment or labor market.




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